Fulfilling the Dream Awards

The university remains committed to diversity and the ideals espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This award provides a platform to celebrate and recognize contemporary leaders who are role models both on and off-campus.  Nominations are strongly encouraged and may be submitted by all members of the university and the community at large.

The award was established in 1997 to honor individuals who have contributed to the UNL community or the wider Lincoln community by their exemplary action in promoting the goals and vision of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The awards are presented each January during ceremonies at the University's celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Nomination letters should be sent by January 5, 2020, to Jody Wood, MLK Committee Secretary, 128 Canfield Administration Building, Lincoln, NE 68588-0437 or via email to jwood2@unl.edu. The awards subcommittee will review the nominations and make recommendations for the final selections to the Chancellor's MLK Day Planning Committee and UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green.

The university campus has been fortunate to have such distinguished recipients of the award:

1998 - Keith Parker (UNL)

1999 - Leola Bullock (community) and Miguel Carranza (UNL)

2000 - Lela Shanks (community) and Melvin Jones (UNL)

2001 - Paulette Jones (community) and Michael Combs (UNL)

2002 - Bonnie Coffey (community) and Merlin Lawson (UNL)

2003 - Leroy Stokes (community) and Robert Hitchcock (UNL)

2004 - Jose Soto (community) and Stephanie Adams (UNL)

2005 - Thomas Christie (community) and Chuck van Rossum (UNL)

2006 - Larry Williams (community) and Amber Hunter (UNL)

2007 - Oscar Harriot (community) and Christy Horn (UNL)

2008 - Gwendolyn Combs (UNL)

2009 - Pete Ferguson (community) and Students United for Nebraska (UNL)

2010 - Nebraska Appleseed (community) and Helen Moore (UNL)

2011 - T.J. McDowell (community) and Charlene Maxey-Harris (UNL)

2012 - Zainab Al-baaj and the MENA Hope Project (community) and African American and African Studies Program (UNL)

2013 - Pat Tetreault (UNL)

2014 - Jake Kirkland, Jr. (UNL)

2015 - Linda and Gene Crump (UNL) and the Empowerment Network (community)

2016 - Debra Hope (UNL)

2017 - Karen Kassebaum (UNL)

2018 - Eric Buchanan (community) and John Kalu Osiri (UNL)

2019 - Maura Kelly (community) and Charlesette Foster (UNL)